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 Multimix Studios's official Project list!

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Liu Meng Xuande
Liu Meng Xuande

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Multimix Studios's official Project list! Left_bar_bleue9999/9999Multimix Studios's official Project list! Empty_bar_bleue  (9999/9999)
Multimix Studios's official Project list! Left_bar_bleue999/999Multimix Studios's official Project list! Empty_bar_bleue  (999/999)

Multimix Studios's official Project list! Empty
PostSubject: Multimix Studios's official Project list!   Multimix Studios's official Project list! Icon_minitimeSun May 11, 2008 4:58 pm

Well, Multimix Studios IS producing The New Destiny of an Emperor, so, why the hell not, huh? Here it is in quote.

Quote :
Welcome to the Multimix Studios Official Project list!
Here is a list of our current Completed/In progress projects:

The Antoine RPG (Lost Project)
---------In Progress---------
The New Destiny of an Emperor (In progress)

Conneries d'Antoine tome 1 (Forgotten Project)
Conneries d'Antoine tome 2 (Forgotten Project)
Conneries d'Antoine tome 3 (Forgotten Project)
Conneries d'Antoine tome 4 (Forgotten Project)
Conneries d'Antoine tome 5 (Forgotten Project)
Conneries d'Antoine Volume 1
SE-Characters in English
---------In Progress---------
Conneries d'Antoine Volume 2 (Temp. Stopped)

50th video on Youtube!!!
TNDOAE - The bloopers! - Episode 1
TNDOAE - The bloopers! - Episode 2
TNDOAE - The bloopers! - Episode 3
TNDOAE - The Bloopers! - Episode 4
CORRUPT: Bonus! - Best. Corrupt glitch. Ever.
CORRUPT: Bonus! Funny noise for 5 minutes.
CORRUPT: Bonus! - IKAAAE Uncut.
CORRUPT: Bonus! - Megaman X leftovers
CORRUPT: Bonus! - ET
Challenges: Episode 1 - Low Level Defeat of Lu Bu (Normal)
Challenges: Episode 2 - SMW Semi-Speedrun
Challenges: Episode 3 - SMB3 Little challenge+secrets
Challenges: Episode 4 - Low Level Defeat of Tadakatsu Honda (Hard)
CORRUPT: Episode 1 - Destiny of an emperor
CORRUPT: Episode 2 - Mickey Mousecapade
CORRUPT: Episode 3 - Romance of the three kingdoms
CORRUPT: Episode 4 - Mike Tyson's Punch Out!!
CORRUPT: Episode 5 - Super Mario Bros (European)
CORRUPT: Episode 6 - Gyakuten Saiban
CORRUPT: Episode 7 - Super Mario Advance
CORRUPT: Episode 8 - SNES Castlevanias
CORRUPT: Episode 9 - Megaman X
CORRUPT: Episode 10 - Super Mario World
CORRUPT: Episode 11 - Ring King
CORRUPT: Episode 12 - Earthbound NES Prototype
CORRUPT: Episode 13 - NES Baseball
CORRUPT: Episode 14 - Street Fighter II - World Warrior
CORRUPT: Episode 15 - Mad Max
CORRUPT: Episode 16 - Pokémon Yellow
CORRUPT: Episode 17 - Adventures of Tom Sawyer
CORRUPT: Episode 18 - Megaman 3
Failed attempts, Episode 1, Tetris in IWBTG
Failed Attempts: Episode 2 - Mario Frustration
Failed Attempts: Episode 3 - Lu Bu Challenge? WTF?!?
Failed Attempts, Episode 4: GTA4, 6 Stars death?
Failed Attempts, Episode 5: Challenge 3 fails
First Ginette Poitras Sketch
Glitch Episode 1 - Under Mecha Birdo in IWBTG
Glitch, Episode 2 - Sony Vegas's Bad render
Kings Rule the night - Krushem
Kings Rule the night - Sacrifycia
Kings Rule the night - Sunseth
Leçon d'échecs 101
Lost in the dark?
Pan Anning's New adventures: Episode 1
Pan Anning's New adventures: Episode 2 - Video 100!
Randomness: Episode 1 - Stupid Movie
Randomness: Episode 2 - Samurai... on camera... WTF?!?
Randomness: Episode 3 - Cloud 8745, I accept the challenge!
Randomness: Episode 4 - OMG! She's alive!
Randomness: Episode 5 - More epic Fastness
Randomness: Episode 6 - TNDOAE Update?!?
Randomness, Episode 7 - Assassin's Fail + GH3 too fast!
Randomness, Episode 8 - YTP Arnold?!?
Randomness, Episode 9 - Accelerated Challenge 4!
Stuff I like: Episode 1 - Dynasty Warriors 6 /w comments!
Stuff I like: Episode 2 - Megaman 1
Stuff I like: Episode 3 - Megaman 2 run
Stuff I like: Episode 4 - Megaman 3 run
The Adventures of Wu TaGueule
TNDOAE - The introduction
TNDOAE video update - CA Castle top floor
TNDOAE - The death of Dong Luo
TNDOAE - Neo Chang An exploration
TNDOAE - World Exploration
TNDOAE - Forgotten Events
TNDOAE - Cave Exploration
Tribute to the birds
Unknown games 1 - Nobunaga No Yabou - Tenshouki
---------In Progress---------
Real Life Corruptions: Episode 1
Very first movies (redux)
-------Under Hiatus---------
CORRUPT: Episode 19 - Metal Gear NES
CORRUPT: Episode 20 - Terranigma
CORRUPT: Episode 21 - Double Dribble
CORRUPT: Episode 22 - Skyblazer
CORRUPT: Episode 23 - Super Mario Bros 3

---------In Progress---------
Les Lignes Fermées (Radio Show) (Cancelled...)

We are not taking requests for now.

I will no longer be updating this list. I'm opening a website.

I shall rule justly over Cheng Du!
~ Multimix Studios's official Project list! Ea7239ddMultimix Studios's official Project list! A4278447Multimix Studios's official Project list! E54db00e
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Multimix Studios's official Project list!
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